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VISARUSSIA.CA (VR) will do its best to provide you with accurate information and to assist you with obtaining the travel visa, passport or other required documents required for your trip. We do not warrant any information that we provide, and you use and rely on VR services at your own risk. Following terms of use apply to private travelers who use VR services to assist in obtaining a visa.

Information provided on this website is intended for the use of VR customers. VR does its best to provide the most accurate and current document requirements and application forms, fees, processing times and application kits. These items are subject to change without further notice. The government authorities issuing visas and/or passports make their final determination upon every case individually. Before approval, visa authorities may ask for additional supporting documentation. The issuing authority may also reject any visa application for any reason and may not provide a reason to VR for the rejection.

VR does not issue visas cannot make guarantee that any visa authorities will issue any document nor can VR guarantee time required for visas authorities to process an application. Visa officers may decide to issue a different type of document than the one an applicant has requested.

VR also reserves the right to prioritize documents processing according to the travel dates provided by an applicant. Once VR submits a travel document request to an issuing authority on client’s behalf, VR service fees are deemed to be non-refundable.

All fees paid to visa authorities by VR on client’s behalf are non-refundable. In the situation when a visa or passport application is submitted and allocation is rejected for any reason, VR could, at your request, make one more attempt to secure the travel document. Additional VR service fees will not be charged in this situation but it’s required to pay additional fees assessed by visa authorities should there be any. Orders cancelled before submission to visa authorities will be charged VR processing fees.

Payment of VR fees and all visa authorities fees are due at the time of ordering service, unless different has been agreed in writing in advance. VR’s service fees are exclusive of any visa authorities’ administrative charges and have to be paid regardless of the visa or passport request results. If an applicant selects Express processing option, VR will secure the best and fastest processing way available at the consulate or visa office. VR service fees may change without notice.

When VR returns passport and documents, it is sole client’s responsibility to verify that all the visas requested have been obtained and are valid for the dates of intended trip and that applicant’s passport is valid as requested by the destination country. VR recommends all applicants to secure visas in advance.

By engaging VR, client agrees that the sole remedy against VR for damages in connection with any and all claims, cause of action, liabilities and damages for any kind shall not, in any circumstance for any reason, exceed the lesser of the service fees or direct costs of up to $500 CAD for the specified traveler. Consequential damages are not to be covered. Refund requests and documentation of direct costs has to be submitted to VR within 30 days of occurrence. VR will not be liable under any circumstance to compensate you for any loss, damage or delay of travel documents or other failure or fault in performance by any third party delivery company and/or other delivery methods. Likewise, by submitting an order to VR client agrees that VR will not under any circumstances be responsible for the loss, damage, or delay in returning of passport and documents by visa authorities, nor be liable for the failure of the consulate/embassy or passport agency to issue requested documents on time or at all. VR reserves the right to refuse in its total discretion to handle any application or carry any item at any time and no reason need be given.

By submitting an order to VR, a client agrees to allow VR to store information included in the visa or passport request.

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